China M&A Services

We are your Chinese tax consultants in the transaction process, assisting you in discovering tax risks, exploring tax planning and designing solutions. We are committed to providing and developing highly profitable tailor-made services and innovative solutions to meet the needs and circumstances of our clients, addressing various M&A queries faced by our clients:
We have a global service network
We have a professional service team
We offer a wide range of China M&A services
We serve all aspects of China’s M&A transactions

China M&A Tax Services

Evaluate transactions, holding structures, financing options
Assisting with negotiations, execution of transactions, exit strategies

Due Diligence Services

Finance and taxation: Assess transaction investment structure, assets and income quality
Commercial due diligence: market analysis, competition analysis, target search

M&A Strategy Services

Cooperation strategy, refinancing plan, exit strategy, divestment and spin-off
Assist in listing, separation execution, global layout, reorganization and liquidation

M&A can accelerate growth through new approaches to capital management. Organic growth takes a long time and often requires the development of new capabilities, while mergers and acquisitions can help companies enter the Chinese market, acquire new sales channels and new capabilities, simplify and optimize infrastructure, operations and costs, and thus achieve faster Achieve growth.

Early communication

If you have any confusion about taxation, mergers and acquisitions and investment in China, you can contact Our professional consultants are at your service

Preliminary due diligence

Our consultants will understand your demands in detail and recommend the corresponding target enterprises

Contract execution

If you are sure to cooperate with us, please be sure to sort out the information and appoint a full-time contact
Complete the contract signing and start work as soon as possible

1. Get to know you and your business

During the initial meeting, we will gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and the overall state of the business.

2. Desk analysis and research

Our research department draws on our own database and information on more than 50 million companies from other countries and regions around the world. On average, we identify 230 potential investors or acquirers for each business seeking financing or sale. In addition, we start working on the all-important “stand-alone” business plan, by far the most important document in our process of financing or selling a business.

3. Determine the target company

After obtaining your consent, we will contact all potential target companies to learn about their basic situation and their interest in the project.

4. Negotiation meeting

Our negotiators will arrange an initial exploratory meeting. The meeting will create an environment for equal dialogue and help potential transaction parties to have a detailed understanding of the benefits of the transaction, the positive aspects of the business, and other strategic situations.

5. Proposal

After several rounds of negotiation meetings, the investor or acquirer’s proposal will be submitted to our negotiator. He will help you fully interpret each clause in the proposal and provide additional comments on the clauses in each part.

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Our M&A team is specialized in different industries, with profound professional knowledge, to help you discover potential opportunities and identify important risks in major M&A transactions
And provide you with service content in each transaction link

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 We are an Internet intermediary service platform for corporate mergers and acquisitions, investment and financing transactions. Services include: research, desk analysis, business plan/financing report, meeting arrangement, translation, global negotiation services, management of bidding process and pricing, due diligence, etc. According to your needs, we can provide packaged one-stop intermediary services for company acquisition, company transfer and merger